Buchanan Community Alliance

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Buchanan Community Alliance Mission Goals:

 To Represent the Buchanan Community as a collective voice

 To be active in community affairs and inform our community of events

 To protect our rural atmosphere with responsible growth

 To support elected officials that protect the Buchanan Community


 President:  Ricky Marlin 594-7134

 E-mail:  buchanancommunityalliance@yahoo.com to be added to            e-mail distrubution list

Maps calendar comments


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Community News

Nov 17, 2015

 Hi, an update to last week's final vote before the County Commission.

 The rezoning passed in the same form as at the Planning Commission level-no surprise....we had already compromised with the Developer/Benz.

 Our goal was to get the attention of the County Commission and others to review our area for possible rezoning or creation of an "Overlay/Gateway District".

 According to Doug Demosi (Rutherford County Planning Director), he is including this as an agenda item on the 2016 Planning Departments work list.  So hopefully in 2016 our area/exit 89 will be reviewed for zoning/etc.

 Thanks to everyone that helped during this long process and the Buchanan Community Alliance is committed for the long term benefit of our area.


Ricky Marlin-BCA President

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If you have events/news to add to the website contact us by email at rwoolfolk@hotmail.com or phone 615-849-9951.