Buchanan Community Alliance

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Buchanan Community Alliance Mission Goals:

To Represent the Buchanan Community as a collective voice

To be active in community affairs and inform our community of events

To protect our rural atmosphere with responsible growth

To support elected officials that protect the Buchanan Community


President:  Ricky Marlin 594-7134

E-mail:  buchanancommunityalliance@yahoo.com to be added to e-mail distrubution list

Maps calendar comments


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Ordinance 13-OZ-62

Notice is hereby given that a Public Hearing before the City Council of the City of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, will be held in the Council Chambers of the Murfreesboro City Hall, 111 West Vine Street, in said City on Thursday, December 19, 2013, beginning at 7:00 o’clock P.M. for the purpose of considering a proposed amendatory Ordinance 13-OZ-62 amending the Zoning Ordinance and the Zoning Map of the City of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, constituting a part of said Zoning Ordinance, at which time and place all interested persons may appear and be heard with respect to said Ordinance.  The proposed amendatory Ordinance, if and when effective, will amend said Zoning Ordinance to zone the territory indicated on the attached map as Highway Commercial (CH) District, Single-Family Residential Eight (RS-8) District, Single Family Residential Ten (RS-10) District, Single Family Residential Twelve (RS-12) District, and Single-Family Residential Fifteen (RS-15) District, simultaneous with annexation.


Ricky Marlin-BCA President


Update : 1/1/2014

I wanted to update everyone on the rezoning of the Maples farm...we (HOA president of Triple Crown Farms-Stanley Whiteway and I) met with Betsy Taylor after the Planning Commission Meeting.  We were mainly concerned with the layout of the roads and the potential widening of Manchester Pike.  While I was unable to convince them to immediately install turn lanes, etc., Betsy Taylor (Clark Maples daughter-who lives across the street from the property) assured us that her development will be upscale and take care of the traffic caused by this development-primarily by installing turn lanes after roughly 70 homes are built (this development is estimated to build out over 15-20 years).

Ricky Marlin-BCA President


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School rezoning

Hello Buchanan Community Alliance members,

We wanted to make sure you are aware that the Rutherford County School Board is looking at rezoning the middle schools-primarily Oakland Middle School (overcrowded)-but this will affect Whitworth Buchanan Middle School as well...

This will affect WBMS by increasing enrollment and increasing the amount of (FNR) Free and Reduced Meals served at the school from the existing 43% level to 54% or even 63% while keeping the other nearby middle schools the same or even reducing the level of FNR....seems a little unfair and the principal of WBMS (Avy Seymour) was quoted by the Daily News Journal as saying... "I would like for my school not to become another inner-city school, which is kind of my fear here."

The special called school board meeting to discuss this is set for Wednesday January 22nd at 5:30P.M. at 2240 Southpark Drive-Murfreesboro 37128-off of 231 south by Riverdale High School.

Please take the time to read the entire story from the DNJ about this rezoning plan: http://www.dnj.com/article/20131216/NEWS/312160051/Rezoning-proposed-alleviate-Oakland-Middle-overcrowding

Link to meeting agenda:

http://www.rcschools.net/education/page/download.php?fileinfo=QUdFTkRBX0phb nVhcnlfMjJfMjAxNF9TcF9DYWxsZWQucGRmOjo6L3d3dzUvc2Nob29scy90bi9ydXRoZ XJmb3JkY291bnR5L2ltYWdlcy9kb2NtZ3IvNTU4ZmlsZTI4NTEucGRm&sectiondetailid =16588

Here is the link to the School Board members for questions/concerns:


Please feel free to forward to other community members who might be affected or concerned...


Ricky Marlin-BCA President


If you have events/news to add to the website contact us by email at rwoolfolk@hotmail.com or phone 615-849-9951.