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Buchanan Community Alliance Mission Goals:

To Represent the Buchanan Community as a collective voice

To be active in community affairs and inform our community of events

To protect our rural atmosphere with responsible growth

To support elected officials that protect the Buchanan Community


President:  Ricky Marlin 594-7134

E-mail:  buchanancommunityalliance@yahoo.com to be added to e-mail distrubution list

Maps calendar comments


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Community News

Brenda Benz is again requesting rezoning of her property from residential to Commercial or Employment and Activity Center (same as last time.) The meeting of the planning commission and more details about the rezoning request are listed below:  

Rutherford County Planning Commission

Rezoning info:

Brenda Benz (15-A011)

Location: Manchester Pike

Commissioner: Joe Frank Jernigan

Size of Site: To be determined

Tax Map: 156, Parcel: 21.02

Existing Zoning: Residential Medium-Density (RM)

Proposed Zoning: Employment and Activity Center (EAC)


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The Community Meeting for the Benz Rezoning is set up for next Tuesday night-September 1st at 6PM at Buchanan Whitworth Middle School Library. This meeting is being conducted and led by Benz/Developers in response to our concerns brought up at the Planning Commission Meeting on August 10th.

Please help spread the word about this meeting, we need a good turnout!


Ricky Marlin


Any Questions let me know....615-594-7134.


 The Governor and TDOT had a meeting at the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce discussing finding road funding solutions with our local leaders.  Our exit has mentioned.

I don't have the full details yet but it appears that even though the need and want is there to improve the interchange there still is no funds available. The Buchanan Community Alliance was represented at the meeting by Shirley Hayes-Treasurer and Brenda Marlin.  Thanks to both of them for going and keeping our group involved and informed of the latest developments.

 I have attached the article in the DNJ for you to read.


Shirley will share more details at our next meeting and we have also asked for a copy of the presentation for further analysis.

That's it for now, enjoy the weekend....hopefully it will be a dry one.

Ricky Marlin”

What Can I Do?

Come to the meeting of the Rutherford County Regional Planning Commission to voice your concerns and/or opposition to this request. This meeting will be held at the Rutherford County Courthouse.

    Call each member of the Regional Planning Commission:

Jeff Phillips, Chairman                    Phone: (h) 615-893-1137

Craig Lynch, Vice Chairman          Phone: 615-233-5471

Veronica Buchanan                          Phone: 615-848-6832

(f) 615-907-0733

Rhonda Allen                                    Phone: (c) 615-207-6826

(h) 615-459-2611

Mike Kusch                                       Phone: (h) 615-898-8200

(c) 615-351-9164

Charlotte Peay                                   Phone: no number listed

Jim Averwater                                   Phone: (c) 615-351-9232

(h) 615-274-3994

Mike Vaught                                      Phone: (c) 615-396-7208

Chip Pinion                                        Phone: (h) 615-394-7992

Will Jordan                                        Phone: (h) 615-890-8586

(c) 615-210-1773

See  http://rutherfordcountytn.gov/planning/pc_members.htm  for the members’ EMAIL addresses.

It helps to call AND email AND attend the meeting in person if possible. During the meeting the commissioners usually reference how many calls and emails they have received for or against the proposal so it is very important to do this.

 Call our County Commissioner, Joe Frank Jernigan at 615-809-4766     to voice your opposition. We need him to support us in this effort so he needs to hear from the people in his district.

    Call Rutherford County Planning Department at  898-7730 to voice your opposition to the rezoning. The planning director is Doug Demosi. They also keep up with how many calls they receive for or against the proposal.

For more info or questions, please call Ricky Marlin at 615-594-7134

or email us at    buchanancommunityalliance@yahoo.com


If you have events/news to add to the website contact us by email at rwoolfolk@hotmail.com or phone 615-849-9951.